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Recap of October 2023 Meeting

Salil Darji - AI Tinkerers - Boston
October 24, 2023

We had a really good turnout yesterday evening! Unfortunately, this organizer forgot to take a picture of the crowd. However, Ivan Campos did a live demo of using OpenAI’s ChatGPT app to count seats and people in the room, so perhaps he’ll share the results with us in Discord.

Here’s a list of speakers and demos:

William Mulholland

Leveraging AI to promote government spending transparency and product social impact.

Salil (Sal) Darji

Takeaways from AIAI Boston event and DallE in ChatGPT

Eric Hasan

Experiments using OpenAI, Langchain, and ElevenLabs. Eric won the award for the most Halloween-themed presentation of the night.

Ivan Campos

Multi-modal AI experiments, using ChatGPT, Stableaudio, and other services.

Alex Alcivar

An update on his work analyzing the Boston 311 database and optimizing hardware to improve model performance. His work can be found here:

Looking forward to the next event to be held on November 27th!

Here’s the revised illustration without any text. I hope it meets your expectations! If there are any other changes or details you’d like to add, please let me know.

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